Children at Risk
" There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."
- Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

The Homeless Shelter

The Worst Possible Location

The City of Sacramento is currently working on plans to create a city homeless shelter, here, in suburban Arden & Carmichael. The Homeless Shelter will occupy the building vacated by the Space & Science Museum. The City is euphemistically calling the shelter a "respite center" or "cooling and warning center".

It will be within feet of the Children's Receiving Home.

This location is far from Downtown and City Hall. In fact, it is as far away as possible from Downtown - on the eastern-most boundaries of the City's land. This is within feet of Del Paso Regional Park. The Homeless Shelter will include 50-full time beds.

Near to Our Homes and Schools

The map below shows the proposed location of the Homeless Shelter. The red dot marks everything within 1/8 of a mile. This will be the City's "target" area of the Homeless Shelter.

The light red circle marks all the homes, businesses, and schools within 1 mile of the Homeless Shelter. This encompasses:

  1. Pasadena Avenue Elementary School
  2. Cowan Fundamental Elementary School
  3. Whitney Avenue Elementary School
  4. Mira Loma High School
  5. Arcade Fundamental Middle School.

The remaining circles mark ranges of 1.5 miles (dark orange), 2 miles (light orange), and 2.5 miles (yellow).

No One Was Warned - Deliberately

City Council Tried to Create It without Telling Anyone

" If we just approve one site at a time, we're going to spend months negotiating, sometimes arguing, with a particular community..."
  Mayor Darrell Steinberg on why the public shouldn't be consulted or warned by the City.
Press Conference, August 4, 2021

On December 14th, the City Council attempted to create the Homeless Shelter on Consent Calendar. A "consent calendar" is a method of passing motions without debate, overview, or notification. Normally, this type of procedure is reserved for mundane actions - such as purchasing new office furniture. In addition, anytime the city spends over $1,000,000, the public is allowed to review it over a 10-day period. The City Council waived this requirement for an expenditure of over $3 million dollars. This means the City Council decided that the public didn't need to know.

As unbelievable as it seems, City Council attempted to create the Homeless Shelter without:

  1. Warning the Children's Receiving Home
  2. Warning the affected communities
  3. Holding any public debate or meetings
  4. Doing any analysis on the effects on crime & safety
  5. Doing any environmental analysis
  6. Allowing the people of Downtown Sacramento enough time to review a $3 million dollar contract.

The City is continuing to use this technique around Sacramento. Sites are being created and funded without warning the affected communities are having any form of public debate.

Children's Receiving Home

Darrell Steinberg and the City Council nearly succeeded. But, they greatly underestimated the leadership and diligence of the Children's Receiving Home.

The Children's Receiving Home is a refuge for children from abusive or neglectful homes. The Home has served the children of Sacramento for decades - providing a safe haven from drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and violence.

The Children's Receiving Home had not been warned. No one had.

" The Children's Receiving Home was not aware of Consent Item 10 until Sunday, December 13."
  Michelle Linton
President of the Board of Directors of the Children's Receiving Home
Public comment to Sacramento City Hall
December 14, 2021

On December 13th, a day before the "vote", they were made aware of the City's plan.  With little time to spare, Michele Linton, Board President of the Children's Receiving Home, called into the City Council meeting, live, and forced it to be delayed.

The $3,418,371 Dollar Deal

  1. The City of Sacramento signed the lucrative three million dollar deal with the Hope Cooperative.
  2. The contract has already been signed before the communities of Arden or Carmichael were warned.
  3. The contract stated that guests would be referred by the City's Department of Community Response (DCR), local Park rangers, and the Sacramento County Department of Human Services (DHS). They would be bussed here.

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