Save the Children's Home!

Rally to Save the Children's Receiving Home

Please join us in supporting the Children's Receiving Home and opposing the City's reckless plan to put a homeless shelter within feet of at-risk children. The rally will be held in the parking lot across the street from Children's Receiving Home (Auburn Blvd, just east of Watt Ave)..

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July 2022
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Please join us in supporting the Children's Receiving Home and opposing the City's reckless plan to put a homeless shelter within feet of at-risk children.

The event will be held on Monday, July 25th, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

What To Bring

Show Your Support

Please bring any protest signs you want... as long as they are about protecting the Children's Receiving Home.

Donations for the Children

Also, we will be collecting donations for the children. The Home is always in need of:

  • Arts and Crafts: crayons, construction paper, chalk, etc..
  • Hygiene Products: shampoo, deodorant, hair ties, pads & tampons, etc...
  • General Items: new stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, headphones (wired), posters (inspirational and fun)
  • Footwear items: shower shoes, flip flops, new shoes (especially male 11-13 and female 8-10)
  • Gift cards (Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Five Below, etc....)
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The rally be held in the parking lot across the street from Children's Receiving Home (Auburn Blvd, just east of Watt Ave). Click here for map directions.

Take Action!

Contact Congressman Ami Bera

The City is unable to fund the Homeless Shelter on their own. Instead, they are relying on a grant from the Federal Government. Ami Bera represents both the community and the children that will be adversely affected by the Homeless Shelter.

Please call Congressman Ami Bera's office at:

  • (916) 635-0505 or
  • (202) 225-5716

Identify yourself as a constituent that lives near the Children's Receiving Home and the proposed Homeless Shelter. Let them know that you do not support the funding of this project. Placing a homeless shelter within feet of traumatized, at-risk, children is unacceptable.

Sign the Petition

We have created a petition on Please take a few moments to sign it and leave any comments you wish. We need the voice of the families of Arden & Carmichael to be heard!

Please click here to view the petition.


In the News...

CBS 13 - Interview with Doug Ose

The following is a story by Sacramento CBS 13 covering the community backlash over the City's attempt to put a homeless shelter next to at-risk children. The story features an interview with, and analysis by, Doug Ose. He represented Arden and Carmichael in the United States House of Representatives from 1999 to 2005. Click here for the CBS webpage.

KFBK - John McGinness Interview

On Thursday, July 14th, John McGinness held a public forum on his KFBK radio show. Below are a few of the audio clips from the segment.

Ron Jellison A lifetime resident and advocate for Del Paso Park, he discusses the City's apathy towards the community, the park, and the inherit problems with locating a Homeless Shelter next to the Children's Receiving Home.
Arturo Local resident who works near the proposed Homeless Shelter. He discusses the City's failure to support the community, and the at-risk children at the Children's Receiving Home (including the horrible death of a little girl).
Jim A local businessman who participates in Business Watch (an organization of local businesses that attempts to work with local authorities). He discusses that the County and City routinely ignore and dismiss their concerns.
John McGinness The host talks about Proposition 47 and its adverse affects on California.
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Children At Risk

Worst Possible Location

The City of Sacramento plans to put a 24-hour, 7 days a week, homeless shelter here, in suburban Arden & Carmichael. The Homeless Shelter will occupy the building vacated by the Space & Science Museum. The City is euphemistically calling the shelter a "respite center" or "cooling and warning center".

... and, it will be within feet of the Children's Receiving Home.

Click here to learn more...

The Affected Area

The map, to the right, shows the proposed location of the Homeless Shelter. The red dot marks everything within 1/8 of a mile. This will be the City's "target" area of the Homeless Shelter.

The light red circle marks all the homes, businesses, and schools within 1 mile of the Homeless Shelter. This encompasses:

  1. Pasadena Avenue Elementary School
  2. Cowan Fundamental Elementary School
  3. Whitney Avenue Elementary School
  4. Mira Loma High School
  5. Arcade Fundamental Middle School

The remaining circles mark ranges of 1.5 miles (dark orange), 2 miles (light orange), and 2.5 miles (yellow).

How Can This Happen?

For decades, the people of Arden & Carmichael have fought over a peculiar piece of land - often called "The Peninsula" or "The Thorn". This land, while part of the City of Sacramento, doesn't contain any city residents.

Because County Voters do not vote in City elections, County residents have to endure the lack of city attention to the park, which currently, and throughout the history of the park, has fostered unlawful behavior that has spilled into the surrounding neighborhoods.

City decisions are made without fear of neighborhood repercussions.

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